Printed Circuit Board Design Services

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Creative Connections, Inc. has been providing high quality printed circuit board design services since 1986. With CCI's knowledgable and cross trained staff, you can be assured of a reasonable turn around time and a PCB design that is 100% manufacturable. CCI has extensive libraries and documentation that specifies all office procedures from in the queue to out the door.

* 100% Manufacturable PCB Designs
* Regular business hours of 9:00-12:00 & 1:00-5:00 ET
* Quick Turn Around
* Advanced Routing Capabilities
* "Any Stage" PCB Design Completion
* Professional Service

* Manufacture/Broker PCBs
* Electrical/Electronic Engineering
* Mechanical Engineering


CCI employs full time, experienced and cross trained designers - not contract workers. All PCB design operations in the facility are documented. CCI has an extensive library of part foot prints, so your design's turn around time is not limited by the task of rebuilding all new part foot prints for your job.


100% Manufacturable is not a phrase that we take lightly at CCI. It is a way of doing business. Extensive documentation details how components and traces are spaced for auto insertion/auto placement, how new foot prints are designed, how hole and pad sizes are determined, etc.

High End Tools

CAD System:

  • PCAD (Altium)


CCI can accept net lists in these formats:

  • OrCAD
  • View Logic
  • PADs
  • Tango
  • Integraph
  • Very Best
  • Master Designer

Auto Router:

  • Cadence, Specctra Auto Router (formerly known as the Cooper & Chyan Technologies Auto Router)

Cooper & Chyan (Spectra) AutorouterSpecctra Auto Router quickly connects a design

Board Technologies

  • Digital
  • Analog
  • RF
  • Power Supplies

Component Technologies

  • Surface Mount
  • Through Hole
  • Mixed Technology

Digital, Analog, RF PCBs

PCB Types

  • Double Sided
  • Multiple Layer
  • Components Both Sides
  • Components One Side Only


  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Automotive