PCB Design Service Rates

March 1, 2012

This page also available as a formal PDF document here


Hourly rate: $160.00/hour*
Autoroute***: $0.40/pad**

* Hourly rates are cumulative during the PCB design cycle. Hourly charges may start and stop during the design cycle based on actual work executed. More explicitly, hourly charges do not accrue for the entire time from when a design is received until it is shipped, but are based upon actual work time executed on the design. Hourly rates do not normally accrue during the time of an autoroute, but do accrue during the setup of autoroutes.

** Autoroute charges are calculated based upon the total number of pads on a PCB design. Pads are copper, geometric shapes which allow components, wires, and other devices to be soldered together on the front and back surfaces of a circuit board.

*** An autoroute saves the customer a great deal of money as a computer is used to extrapolate part of the design artwork automatically from the customer's design parameters. Although there is effort in both setup and cleanup of an autoroute, the overall bill and time to completion are lowered. It is normal for one of our PCB designers to autoroute a design several times per job in order to best satisfy the customer's requirements. However, only one autoroute charge applies per design cycle. In other words, even if a job requires being autorouted many times to meet customer design goals, the customer is only charged for a single autoroute.


Digital, Analog, RF PCBs
Ian Albritton